Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get Featured on my Next Wallpapers

With all my Wizard101 School wallpapers available for download, both on the blog and at Wizards Unite, I'm wondering on what to do next. I already have a few ideas in mind, but my readers' feedback is important to me.

Considering most requests I've had so far, I'm probably going to start working on Pirate101-themed wallpapers and maybe add a few more Wizard101 ones later on. That being said, would you like your Pirate101 character to be featured on my future wallpapers? If so, follow the steps below:
  1. Send a high quality screenshot(s) of your Pirate (full-body screenshots are preferred) to frostcallerfan[at]gmail[dot]com, along with your Pirate's class;
  2. Make sure you use Ctrl+G before taking the screenshot(s);
  3. You may include up to 3 screenshots per email;
  4. The screenshot(s) doesn't have to be taken from the front (feel free to rotate the camera if you want and just be creative).
I will consider all the screenshots that meet the requirements above. Also, by submitting a screenshot, you give me full permission to edit it as I see fit.

Other than Pirate Classes, what would you like to see? What about Wizard101? Is there something specific you would like to see me explore next time I release a wallpaper? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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