Becoming an Ice Warlord 1v1

I have seen many inexperienced Thaumaturges struggle in the Arena, because they simply can't build an effective deck. Either because they fill their deck with useless cards, or because they pack way too many copies of the same card, and never get the ones they really need in time.

In PvP, an experienced player will never give you the time you need to find the card you want and use it with perfect timing. Discarding is of utmost importance when you have a huge deck, so I suggest you take a look at Duelist101’s Discarding Tutorial.

Here I will teach you how to exploit our biggest weapon and how to build your deck. This guide is for Archmage (Level 80) Thaumaturges, so if you are at a lower level and are still interested in becoming a Warlord, read this guide or check out this forum instead.

As an Ice Wizard, we were taught early in the game that we are the most resilient school out there, meaning we are able to take a lot of damage and stand our ground. In other words, our biggest weapon is defense!


Your stats are a crucial part of your arsenal, so you should choose your gear wisely! At this point, the best gear for Archmage Thaumaturges is:

Like I said before, Ice Wizards must be able to tank a lot of damage. That said, when choosing a wand, you should aim for a high Block Rating, instead of high Critical Rating! Personally, I use the Sinister Dragon Pike, but any wand with decent Block stats will do.

I do not, however, recommend the use of an ice wand, as you might waste your blades just to get rid of a weakness or shield.

I also have a SPUD (Spritely, Spell-Proof, Unicorn and Spell-Defying) Snow Beast, to boost my Universal Resist stats. A pet with Spritely, Spell-Proof and Spell-Defying is a must!

If you feel insecure about lower Power Pips stats, you can switch the aforementioned ring to Stellar Signet or Sapphire Ring of Battle. I’d rather sacrifice Power Pips to increase Universal Resist, but it’s up to you.


Your deck doesn’t have to be set exactly like this, but this is what works best for me. Try it out and see if you’re comfortable with it.


As an Ice wizard, your goal is to defeat your opponent through patience and perseverance.

Damage over time (DoTs) spells are great allies, as they are good shield breakers and a big Snow Angel can be deadly! Make sure you have a few Frostbite in your deck as well. Look out for Triage and Shift, though.

In 1v1 matches, your Ice Guardian can be really helpful! Not because of its power, but because he’s great at distracting your opponent long enough for you to buff and attack. Expect your adversary to summon minions every now and then, too! That is why you need fast minion killers in your deck. Mastery Amulets are good for minion killer spells, but if you don’t have any, make sure to have a few Blizzard packed in your deck.

Since you have decent Block stats, carrying Conviction isn’t necessary. Use Infallible instead, as it will pierce your opponent’s defense and allow you to land devastating hits!

With a good healing pet and great Resist, you won’t need to heal often. So don’t pack too much healing spells because you’ll probably end up discarding most of them anyway. Heal only if strictly necessary!

Entangle is a good way to prevent your opponent from healing, but they will eat up your pips if you don’t have Life Mastery Amulet, so Infection is your best bet. Carry a few Doom and Gloom treasures in your side deck.

Balefrost is an extremely important piece of the puzzle! Why pack 6 copies of it, you ask? Well, in 1v1 you have to dominate the bubble war! We need the extra damage boost.

Also, pack a few more Blizzard in your side deck, as well as more Tower Shields, heals and other minion killers.

Make sure your health is higher than your opponent’s and shut the healing down with Doom and Gloom. Force them to heal, tower a lot, tank their attacks, blade up and smack them down!

Happy dueling!

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