Guide to Getting Agave Nectar

Getting Agave Nectar is probably one of the most challenging experiences in the game right now. Luckily, I managed to get 4 Agave Nectar in less than an hour and finally crafted the Eagle War Shield for my “Transcended Crafter” badge. I know that many of you are still looking for them, so I thought I’d share my technique and a few tips with you guys.

Mangrove Marsh is undoubtedly the best farming spot for Agave Leaves!

What makes it the best farming spot?
  • Agave Leaves spawning points are close to each other;
  • No running around for “miles” trying to collect Agave Leaves.
  • A lot of wizards farm there;
  • Easy to get caught in battle.
Please, keep in mind that getting the 5 Agave Nectar needed for your badge is a frustrating experience. Other wizards will often get the Agave Leaves you were looking at a second before you do, but don’t give up! Hard work, patience and perseverance always pays off.

Red crosses indicate the spawning points of Agave Leaves.

Follow these steps to get Agave Leaves faster:
  1. Place yourself on top of the Orb of Natron, like the image above;
  2. Make sure you have vision of the entire area, like the image above;
  3. Try not to get caught in battle or someone else might get the Leaves;
  4. Switch realms and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

Most wizards place themselves at the far left spawning point, or at the far right. They usually have to go all around to prevent being caught by mobs. The central position, however, ensures that you get to the Agave Leaves first most of the time, unless a wizard just switched realms and got to the Agave Leaves faster. That spot also prevents you from being dragged into battle when switching realms.

Hopefully you will find these informations useful. Best of luck for your crafting quest and happy dueling!

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