Grub Guardian: Guide to Lake Nimue

In order to get access to Lake Nimue, you will have to purchase the Avalon Map Pack in the Grub Guardian Crown Shop, for 849 Crowns. For this strategy to work, you will also need to get the Avalon and Star Guardians from the GG Crown Shop. Overall, this is an investment of 1747 Crowns which is definitely worth the price, considering you can get Crown items like:
You also get a chance at rare decorating items and lots of gold! It is definitely worth it in the long run, and considering this strategy works 9 times out of 10, it’s just a matter of time and patience before you get one of those amazing items!

Why Lake Nimue? It is an easy and fast map to farm for Hoard Packs and Gold!

What you will need to get a Gold Medal:
  • 1 Avalon Guardian;
  • 1 Star Guardian;
  • 1 Myth tower;
  • 3 Ice towers;
  • 1 Life pet (Epic or Mega).
I will be using letter and colors to make it easier to know the order in which I placed each tower. Letters are in alphabetical order (i.e. “A” is first, “B” second and so on). Each type of tower has an associated color:
  • Gray - Avalon Guardian
  • Blue - Ice Tower
  • Yellow - Myth Tower
  • White - Star Guardian
Step 1: Start off by placing your pet as shown below. Next, place your Avalon Guardian in the “A” square and upgrade it to Rank 2. Additionally, place an Ice tower in the “B” square but don’t upgrade it. Hit “Go”!

Step 2: At the end of Wave 12, place your Myth tower in the designated “C” spot and upgrade it gradually, until you reach Medusa (at the beginning of Wave 10).

Step 3: With your Myth tower already in place, it’s time to bring out the big artillery! Pick your Star Guardian as soon as you have enough Silver (should be placed in Wave 10). At the end of Wave 10, you should have enough Silver to upgrade it to Rank 2 and leave it be for now.

Step 4: Place yet another Ice tower in the “E” spot and upgrade it to Snowman as soon as possible! This will ensure that if two Elephants show up in Wave 9, you can slow them down long enough to get rid of them.

Step 5: When Wave 8 starts, place your last Ice tower in the “F” square. Don’t upgrade it!

Step 6: By the end of Wave 6, your map should look like this.

Step 7: Gradually upgrade your Star Guardian to Rank 4. No need to upgrade anything else or place additional towers, but feel free to place another Myth tower if needed and upgrade it to Medusa. Use Ambrose’s Fire in the last Wave (Wave 1)!

Good luck!

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