Asgard: Possible New World?

As you all know, new content to the Wizard101 game is currently being tested. This upcoming update brought many new features and pets to the Spiral! See them for yourself here.

Now what caught my eye isn’t really the pets, but rather the new gear! Interestingly enough, this new gear isn’t available to the public yet. However, a KingsIsle worker has been spotted in Test Realm wearing two different sets of this brand new gear and a unveilled a new staffs as well!
If you saw the movie Thor, you’ll find the gear below quite familiar (the one on the right). Remember Heimdall, Gatekeeper of Asgard? They do look similar, right? Why would KingsIsle showcase a gear that isn’t available to its players, though? Personally, I believe it may be a hint at the long anticipated new world!

Asgard is a world in the Nordic Mythology, which is what inspired the world of Grizzleheim. Many players believe that the Coven will return and continue their plans to bring the Everwinter to the entire Spiral!

Could this be yet another expansion to Grizzleheim, like Wintertusk? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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