Guide to Promotional Wands & Staves

If you aren't familiar with them, promotional wands and staves used to be obtainable in the Beckett Magazine, which was later discontinued. Now, most of them are retired items and are exclusive to Wizard101 Fansites! Each fansite has a different, exclusive wand.
Amaranthine Staff
Exclusive to Paige Moonshade; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Blue Raptor
Exclusive to Valerian's School; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Dragonclaw Blade
Exclusive to Duelist101; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Fog Staff
Exclusive to Mercenaries101; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Galvanic Hammer
Exclusive to The Friendly Necromancer; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Exclusive to Legends of the Spiral; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Staff of the Imperator
Exclusive to Spiral Radio 101; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Staff of the Querent
Exclusive to Petnome Project; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Sword of Valor
It was a Veteran's Day Gift, back in 2009, and is now a retired item.

Umbra Blade
Exclusive to Wizard101 Central; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Viridian Scepter
Exclusive to Stars of the Spiral; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

Warpwood Wand
Exclusive to Ditto Monster; Fishing reward in Zafaria.

As of 2014, they can no longer be obtained on WizardBlox. KingsIsle confirmed that the only way to obtain them now is through contests hosted by their Fansites.

As of April 2016, following the Spring Update, these promotional wands and staves (except Sword of Valor) can be obtained as Fishing rewards in Zafaria.

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