The 3 New Wizard101 Bundles

After the early release of the Atlantean and Olympian Bundles last week, a new one has hit Walmart stores a few days ago: the Winterbane Gauntlet Bundle!

Atlantean Bundle
Journey through the see on your peaceful two-player Whale mount and farm the seven seas with the Atlantean Armor and Harpoon! Also, take a dip in the water with the Magic Fish Tank housing item. Find out more here.

Olympian Bundle
Race around your enormous Aquila Palace with the two-player Chariot mount, practice PvP in your very own PvP Coliseum, find out your Wizard's fortune at the Oracle and successfully get through the Minotaur's Labyrinth, and you may get a prize... Find out more here.

Winterbane Gauntlet
Tackle Thane's Hall Dungeon with your new Polar Bear Cub pet at your side and test your power in this intense gauntlet challenge. How far can your Wizard get through Thane's Dungeon?! Find out more here.

For a quick tour of each one of these bundles, visit Swordroll's Blog.

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