Wizard101 Test Realm is Online

The Wizard101 Test Realm is back around and with it new features: PvP Tournaments and Musical Instruments!

PvP Tournaments

Tournaments are an extension of the current Player vs Player system that allows you to match up and compete in a longer term matches that will get you special rewards! These Tournaments cost Crowns to enter and the rewards will reflect their cost. If you have a current Membership, you will pay 899 Crowns per Tournament. All others will pay 1499 Crowns per Tournament.

Find out more here.

Playable Musical Instruments

Find these new Playable Musical Instruments in the Crown Shop for Crowns and Gold. Place these furniture items in your house or dorm, and start playing! We’re starting with a four piece band: Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drum Kit and Keyboards!

With these new Playable Musical Instruments you can:

  • Play preset music loops;
  • Sync up preset music between all your instruments;
  • Compose your own music (up to 700 notes!);
  • Sync up your own music with other people who are playing the instruments in a house;
  • Instruments come with 8 preset loops;
  • Loop 8 for both the Toy Piano and the Lead Guitar is the Wizard City theme;
  • Friends can compose music at your house.

Quest & Quest Helper Updates

  • All Mainline story quests can no longer be declined;
  • Quest Arrow should no longer appear in PvP zones, Derby or Minigames.

Map Updates: Wysteria’s World Map is back!

Badge Updates: Players can now display their current PvP badge.

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