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I was recently invited to join a PvP Tournament supposedly created by a guy on Facebook (the same person who invited me). This was the first clue I got: you can't create Tournaments, all of them are scheduled by KingsIsle! Now if that's not suspicious enough, said person was using the avatar of the owner of one of Wizard101's Official Fansites. To top it off, he asked me to read the rules and level requirements, and directed me to a website where I needed to put my Wizard101 username and password in order to access what he wanted me to see. This scam has already been reported and will soon be investigated by KingsIsle.

As you can see, some Wizards are already taking advantage of the newest update to the Wizard101 game to steal our account info. This is why I wanted to make another post about online safety. If you haven't already, read my guide on how to keep your account safe!

How can I play safely?
There are 3 basic rules I consider essential to have a positive and safe online gaming experience:

  • Rule #1 - Never EVER share your password and account information. This is common sense! Also, never share your personal information with anyone on the internet. That goes for address, phone number, the school you go to, etc. This leads us to Rule #2.
  • Rule #2 - Not everyone is who they say they are online. I've read countless stories of people losing their account for sharing their info with people pretending to be Professor Greyrose or any other Professors in-game. The real Wizard101 Faculty will never, EVER ask for your account information! Why would they? They already have it. The point is, just because they claim to be KingsIsle workers doesn't mean they are who they pretend to be!
  • Rule #3 - Be careful who you talk to on social networks. Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites can be fun to share things with your friends, but remember that not everyone is who they say they are online! Don't give out too much information about yourself and you'll be safe.

If you are unsure whether that link you were given is safe or not, always contact Customer Support and let them know about it!

If someone is bullying, harrassing or asking for your personal information, report them! If you are underage, please tell your parents or guardian to take the right course of action. Also, if you see one of your friends or anyone in-game being cyberbullied, stand up, don't stand by.

Credits: Ditto

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