New Grub Guardian Features & Updates

Three new features have recently been added to the Crown Shop in Grub Guardian! These features are known as Power-Ups and they can come in handy with the overwhelming hordes of monsters.

Grub Shield: The Grub Shield stops your enemies in their tracks before they can get to your Grub!

Instant Upgrade: The Instant Upgrade immediately makes your guardian the next level stronger, which even works on your Pet for just that map!

Mini Annihilator: The Mini Annihilator acts like a mini version of the Ambrose Annihilator!

Here are the updates:
  • Three new consumable Power Ups give you immediate help on those extra tough maps! Use the Grub Shield, Mini Annihilator and Instant Upgrade to crush your enemies before they get your Grub! 
  • You'll be able to use your Power Ups while logged off;
  • You now have the chance to receive the new Power Ups when playing for reward codes;
  • The new auto-login feature will remember who you are the next time you load the app;
  • Create an account by registering directly from the app;
  • Fixed support for Nexus 10;
  • Many additional fixes for upkeep and overall user experience improvements.

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