PvP Guide: Promethean Ice 1v1

This is my second PvP Guide! Unlike my first guide, this one is more detailed and this time I added a video and how I spent my Training Points.

This guide is directed to Promethean (Level 90) Thaumaturges who want to be competitive duelists and achieve the PvP rank of Warlord. If you are at a lower level and are still interested in becoming a Warlord, read this guide or check out this forum instead.


The best offense is a good defense, so choose your gear wisely! Here's the one I consider the best for Promethean Thaumaturges:

When choosing a wand, you should aim for a high Block Rating instead of high Critical stats! Personally, I use the Viridian Charged Wand, but any wand with decent Block stats will do. Avoid using Ice School wands, unless you carry a lot of treasure cards to remove charms. 

If you feel insecure about lower Power Pips chance, feel free to switch the aforementioned ring to Stellar Signet or Sapphire Ring of Battle.


A SPUDF (Spritely, Proof, Unicorn, Defy, Fairy) pet is usually the best, but it's not mandatory. You can swap Spritely or Unicorn for Pain-Giver, but Fairy is highly recommended!

If you have a SPUDF pet, using a Life Mastery Amulet is not necessary, since you won't be healing much anyway. A healing pet is always nice to remove unwanted negative charms like Infection, Smoke Screen and Entangle, and heal off the damage received.


By level 90, you can obtain up to 40 Training Points (TP). If you aren't a Promethean Wizard but still want to try this out, use Duelist101's Training Point Calculator to see which points and spells are available to train at your level. I recommend the following:
  • Infection (1TP)
  • Cloak (1TP)
  • Reshuffle (1TP)
  • Infallible (1TP)
  • Elemental Blade (1TP)
  • Sharpened Blade (1TP)
  • Life to Satyr (7TP)
  • Sun to Colossal (5TP)
Overall, you will need 18 Training Points. You'll still have 22 Training Points left for whatever you want. Training Balance to Weakness is also a good option (3TP).


Your deck doesn’t have to be set exactly like this, but this is what works for me. Try it out and see if you're comfortable with it.


Your deck is focused on damage over time spells (DoTs), as they are good shield breakers. Whenever you have the chance, cast a double Snow Angel! Make sure you have a few Frostbite in your deck as well. Look out for Triage and Shift, though.

In 1v1 matches, your Ice Guardian can be really helpful! It's not particularly strong, but it provides a great distraction and it will wear out your opponent long enough for you to stack blades and attack. Make sure to kill your opponent's minions fast, because they can be troublesome in the long run.

Since you have decent Block stats, carrying Conviction isn't necessary. Use Infallible instead, as it will reduce your opponent's resistance and allow you to deliver a devastating hit! 

With a good healing pet and your great resist, you won't have to worry too much about healing. Heal only if strictly necessary (usually when your health is below 2000)!

Entangle is a good way to prevent your opponent from healing, but it's a pip burner if you don't have Life Mastery Amulet, so Infection is a better option. Doom and Gloom is undoubtedly the best way to shut down the healing, as pets tend to remove charms rather easily. Force your opponent to heal, shield yourself, tank their attacks, blade up and smack them down!

The Video

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