New Aquila Updates

Test Realm was updated yesterday and KingsIsle has made major updates to Aquila, which include pricing changes, as well as new gear and spells, and more!

Pricing Changes
Players have been complaining about the Aquila dungeons pricing ever since Test Realm was released, and last night KingsIsle decided to take into account their players' feedback and introduced an innovating way to do these dungeons. Members will now have access to these dungeons as part of their Membership benefit, while Crowns players can choose to rent a single dungeon for six hours or purchase that single dungeon and own it forever on that account.

The new prices for each of the Dungeons are as follows:

  • The six hour zone rental is now priced at 645 Crowns per Dungeon;
  • Mount Olympus for level 30+ Wizards has been priced at 2495 Crowns;
  • Atlantea for level 70+ Wizards has been priced at 3245 Crowns;
  • Tartarus for level 90 Wizards has been priced at 3995 Crowns.
Find out more about the reasoning behind these prices here.

New Gear
Countless gear sets have been added, including the newly released Zeus', Poseidon's and Hades' weapons and outfits, as well as the long anticipated Level 70 Waterworks-like gear set!

Additionally, Professor Greyrose announced the release of the new generation of Mastery Amulets: the yet undiscovered Exalted Amulets! According to her:
"These new rare amulets are the next stage of the Mastery Amulets, and include not just the ability to use Power Pips for a school outside of your main school of focus, but also boost the power and resists of those secondary schools! These Exalted Amulets are only available in Tartarus and will be particularly challenging to obtain."
She also implied that these new amulets are so powerful that they "will make you put your Mastery Amulets in the Shared Bank!".

New Spells
Apart from the Loremaster spell dropped by the Loremaster in Dragonspyre, the Fire versions of Storm Lord and Frost Giant have been introduced: Lava Lord and Fiery Giant! Ice Efreet and Water Efreet are now also available in the new gear.

Credits to Swordroll

Miscellaneous Updates
The "Spritely" pet talent has been nerfed and will no longer cast if your Wizard is at full health.

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