Frost Caller's 24th Birthday Contests [Closed!]

I will turn 24 on September 9th and even though it's my birthday, you guys get the presents! I have inquired my followers on Twitter as to what kind of contest they wanted for this special day, and most of them voted for an Art contest.

As generous as I am, I've decided to not only host a single contest, but three! That's right, even if art isn't your comfort zone, do not worry. You can still take part in other contests I have planned for you! The contests that will take place are as follows:
  1. Art Contest - For this contest, you will have to create an art composition that has to do with my birthday. It can be anything that you can think of, so long as it is birthday-themed. And by art I don't necessarily mean graphics! I realize not everyone is good with Gimp or Photoshop, so I want to give everyone a fair chance to win. Email your entry to be entered! [CLOSED!]
  2. Retweet (RT) Contest - A tweet will be made on my Twitter profile on September 9th and you will have to retweet it to be entered into the raffle. Only followers will be eligible to win prizes for this contest! [CLOSED!]
  3. Trivia Contest - This post will be edited sometime next week with 10 questions about Wizard101. Your goal is to be the first to correctly answer those 10 questions and email them to I will give you guys a headstart on my social media profiles, so that you know when the post is going to be edited and can get ready to turn in your entries as fast as possible! [CLOSED!]
How to Enter
All rules and indications on how to enter a specific contest have been added above. Contests that require you to send an email to turn in your entry (namely Art Contest and Trivia Contest) will end by the deadline below! Retweet Contest deadline may be extended for a few hours. If you are under the age of 13, please have your parent's or guardian's permission to enter.

If you wish to enter the Art Contest, you can use the render below (click for actual size). Using it is not mandatory, though! Have fun and looking forward to your entries.

  • Art Contest - 1st Place: Fog Staff and Hoard Pack of choice;
  • Retweet Contest - Random draw: 2 Hoard Packs of choice; Runner-up: 1 Hoard Pack of choice;
  • Trivia Contest - 1st Place: Random Tapestry and Hoard Pack of choice; 2nd Place: Goldenbeak wand.
All contests will run until September 9th at 11:59 BST (GMT+1).

Good luck, everyone!

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