Talk Like a Pirate Day Contests

Ahoy, mateys! How ye all doin' this day? Today we be celebratin' th' annual international Talk like a Pirate Day 'n wit' it comes lots of fun 'n amazin' contests in th' Skyways! Are ye ready 'n up fer th' challenge? Check th' contests below!

Save 50% off on all the items ye need for piratin'!
  • Corsair's Frigate
  • Cask of Yum
  • Marked Map
  • Pirate Flag
  • Pile of Treasure
  • Patch of Lost Corsair
  • Dragon King's Patch
  • Imperial Frostlock
  • Phoenix Set
  • Stormzilla Staff
  • 3,000 Gold
  • 25,000 Gold
  • Tribal Crew Pack
  • Castaway's Refuge
Get a Free Pirate101 Item!
Hurry, hurry! Free Pirate items for all players who can shout out an 'Ahoy!' during this Pirate holiday! Use promo code Talk2013 to get a free Pirate item including a chance at cool gear, the Tribal Crew pack and more!

Smooth sailin' 'n be safe, me mateys! Off ye go, now!

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