Wizard101 is Not Coming to an End

I think it's safe to say that we've all wondered at some point whether Wizard101 would come to a close and how much more time we'd be enjoying some new content. That question gained important proportions when Disney decided to close many of their online MMO's, making other MMO communities feel insecure about the future of their favorite games. The truth is Wizard101 is not coming to an end. At least not anytime soon!

When asked if Azteca was the last world in Wizard101, our amazing community manager, Professor Greyrose, reassured the players saying:
"What makes you think there will ever be a finale?
Wizard101's first chapter began in Wizard City, and culminated with the defeat of Malistaire. Wizard101's second chapter began in Celestia with the introduction of Morganthe. 
We're still only in the second chapter of this story of the Spiral...there are many chapters to come!"
The Grizzleheim side story of the Coven is most certainly one of them. Those nasty ravens left after we defeated them in Nastrond, but they are bound to come back sooner or later!

Are you excited for these upcoming chapters? What kind of expansion would you like to see in the Spiral in the future? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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