A New Mystery is Revealed

The October Newsletter is here, and there are lots of fun and exciting things to do this month in Wizard101! 

As you probably know, Halloween in the Spiral officially starts tomorrow and we have new spooky quests this year! October brings a new round of contests around the Spiral and I'll be making a separate post for them later this week. Additionally, KingsIsle is asking fans to submit creative and potential new Hairstyles, as well as fan fiction. Find out how to submit your entries here.

Lastly, a brand new teaser image was finally revealed and it looks like the very last world of Morganthe's arc is underway! The picture depicts what appears to be a broken Spiral Door and there might be more teasers like this one in the upcoming weeks.

What major world do you think it might be? Do you think Test Realm will open later this month or early November? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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