Duelist101 Monsters Brawl Party

The Duelist101 Staff will be hosting an amazing event on Saturday, October 12th: the Monsters Brawl Party, as they celebrate October with PvP, prizes, and fun for everyone! Wear your PvP gear and get ready to rumble in this multi-house PvP adventure.

When: Saturday, October 12th at 5:00 PM Eastern

Where: Diego the Duelmaster, Unicorn Way

Realm: Unicorn realm

Take Duelist's poll on Facebook and make sure to mark your calendars! Another reason why you don't want to miss this party is that every avid duelist attending the event gets a pack of their choice. That's right, everyone is a winner!

To know more about other timezones, specific PvP rules and other fun activities throughout the party, click here. Looking forward to see you guys there!

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