Morganthe Finale: World of Bugs?

There are countless theories on what the next major world will be in Wizard and with little to go on, many of us like to speculate on the upcoming content and let our imagination run freely!

Yesterday, I was looking at my Twitter feed and I noticed someone who mentioned that the new gear in the Nightmare Pack looked like a bug-themed gear. While they have "Dragon" in their name, these new gear sets don't really look draconic to me (except for the wings). What if this is more than just a new spooky gear set for Halloween?

Someone on Central, who happens to be the same person who leaked spoilers of the Islander's Hoard, Frankenbunny and Pioneer Dragon mount months before they were released, claims to have info on the new upcoming world and a new bundle seems to be underway. Now we all know how KingsIsle likes to give us subtle hints through gear and bundles, so what if the next hint that will be revealed at the end of the month is in fact a new bundle, followed by Test Realm opening up early November?

You know how Morganthe is always talking about her Shadow Web? Well, we know it's her home and that's exactly where she is headed to when we last see her in Xibalba.

Also, if you look closely at Morganthe's gems, especially the ring, they kind of look similar to the ones in the new Nightmare Pack gear sets. The ones on the new gear do look like bugs, after all.

So with a new bundle seemingly in the works and a new world whose initials are rumored to be "KR", what do you think will happen? If it turns out to be true, does the idea of a bug-themed world seem exciting to you? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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