Morganthe's Story and Motivations

With Morganthe's reign of terror drawing to a close soon, KingsIsle decided to share a little bit more background on the villains of Wizard101 in their newest blog post.

Morganthe was once a promising student of Merle Ambrose's back in Avalon, and she followed him to be his very first student in Ravenwood. However, she was never content to learn at the slow pace he dictated. She knew she was smart enough and clever enough to handle the most dangerous types of magic, and ignoring her teacher's warnings and restrictions, she made a tragic mistake and nearly destroyed Wizard City, and thus Merle Ambrose and the other professors were forced to take away her magic and expel her from Ravenwood.

Morganthe sought knowledge that was denied to her, and went over the line when she was thwarted. From there, her ambitions have grown so vast she wishes to force the whole Spiral to bend to her whims, to prove that she was right all along. With that being said, what's her real goal? We know she seeks revenge, but how does she intend to do it? 

I've been thinking about her last speech back in Xibalba, where she left in a hurry to return home and build her Celestial Choir. Now in the same quest dialogue, we find out that Morganthe intended to cage Aztecosaurs in her torturous choir. And we also know that the Shadow Queen traveled to Azteca in search of the final secrets of Astral magic, so that she can rewrite the words to the Song of Creation, and rebuild the Spiral into her own image.

Connecting the dots, what if the Celestial Choir's melody would brainwash or put under illusion all the creatures of the Spiral? After all, "she wishes to force the whole Spiral to bend to her whims". And the only way to do that would be to rewrite the Song of Creation with her Celestial Choir.

What do you think of this theory? Got any theory of your own? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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