Gardening Update & Tournament Types

New Gardening Spells
Khrysalis has a new Gardening Trainer and there are new Gardening Ranks, new Plants and 8 new Spells to be learned! Truly dedicated Gardeners who are currently Gardening level 15, can now obtain the rank of Verdant Gardener!

You'll first encounter Barley during the quest "Uneasy Alllies" when you can access the zone Last Wood, but you will return to him in Bastion to finally unlock what he has to offer:

New Tournament Types
KingsIsle has taken into consideration some really amazing suggestions from the Player vs Player community about the different types of Tournaments they'd like to see, so they decided to introduce different Tournament Types. Let's take a look at them:
    Old School Tournaments:
  • No pet spells;
  • No treasure cards;
  • No amulets of any kind.
    Lightning Rounds:
  • 10 minute match;
  • Increased damage each round;
  • Increased armor piercing.
        School Perk Tournaments:
  • Bonus to spells of a certain school.
These new Tournaments are currently being tested and I strongly encourage you to join the testing on Test Realm. Duelist101 has a detailed post on this, so make sure to check it out!

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