Next Major World Theory

I've read many theories on the upcoming world in Wizard101 but only one seemed credible and actually plausible. The theory I'm talking about is the one that Johnny and a few other community members came up with, Pre-Celestia. I'm sure the name is no surprise by now, as the teaser image that was revealed a few days ago did have a Celestian feel to it.

The theory
We know that Morganthe wanted to get her hands on the Astral Magic of Celestia, but ultimately failed to get them. The theory (which you can read in full in the link above) suggests that the teaser picture may be related to the world of Celestia, before it was sunken by the Storm Titan, and that Morganthe would use her powers to go back in time and get the Astral Magic she failed to get. If you don't remember Celestia's history or aren't familiar with it, you can read it here.

Celestia again?
Now I know most of you are probably thinking "What, I've waited more than a year to quest through a world I completed 3 years ago?!", but please keep in my that this is just a theory. If it does turn out to be true, I honestly can't see KingsIsle closing the curtain on Morganthe's arc in a world we already know, so it would be cool and innovating to visit different places of the Spiral in this next world expansion!

All credits go to the authors of this theory, namely Johnny, WolfHawkhunter, Ion, SeffersTM, Ma1kavian, Swordroll, Bridragonpants, Casslifeblossom, and Eric McCormick.

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