Pirate101 Birthday & New Content Hints

A year ago, KingsIsle Entertainment was launching Pirate101. The game's popularity grew rather quickly and it now has a solid and faithful community. Traveling through the countless Skyways in Pirate101 has become a daily activity for millions of Pirates throughout the globe, and the game is following the footsteps of the worldwide phenomenon that is Wizard101!

The official birthday festivities should start next week, along with the Halloweenfest in Skull Island, which means this month will be a lot of fun in Pirate101! Not to mention we might also get a surprise or two, as stated in October's Newsletter.

Blind Mew's Hints
In other news, Blind Mew is back on the Pirate101 Boards and he gave away a few hints on what's to come next in Pirate101! I've summed them up for you below (questions are in orange, Blind Mew's answers are italicized):
  1. Will we ever be going to Rajah, Krokotopia, or Darkmoor in the El Dorado storyline? "Yes on two of those. Which two? You can no doubt predict my answer."
  2. Last in Aquila, we don't know who our parents are anymore. Will this ever come back to mind in the game and will we ever remember them? "Yup on one, maybe on two."
  3. What Book should the Aquila companions promote? I know that it should be Book 17 at the soonest... "You took the words right out of my mouth. That's as straight an answer as I can give you for now."
  4. Can you give us a one-letter hint as to the name of the next skyway like you did with the Book 13 update? "C (in this case, not for cookie, but still good enough for me)."
  5. Are there going to be any two-world, one book updates in the future, like Book 4? "Most Books will only cover one world, for budgetary reasons. Book 18, though, that's gonna be a doozy..."
Blind Mew also added the following: "We'll be getting our first taste of Grizzleheim before too long."

You can read Blind Mew's full Question/Answer thread here.

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