Pirate101's First Birthday & Halloweenfest

The Haunted Season is upon us and it's a special time of year for two reasons: it's Pirate101's Birthday and Halloween, so KingsIsle combined the two into one grand celebration this year. You'll find festively colored banners, balloons, and interactive pumpkins and gift boxes all around Skull Island! Get free Birthday hat!

Beyond that, the game has reached a happy milestone: 5 million registered Pirates around the world! Coinciding with this real world event, a new mysterious statue has appeared outside of Avery's office! Check with Mickey Dugan, the town crier, to find out where this statue came from (he can be found between the Privateer and Buccaneer trainer offices). 

New in the Crown Shop
The Haunted Galleon has sailed into the Crown Shop and is ready to delightfully frighten you with a spooky green-fog floor, creepy spying eyes, an explosive Jack-o-lantern figurehead, and festive sails that leave a trail of bats behind them.

Two new festive eye patches can be found in the Crown Shop for a great low price. Although these don't have stats associated with them, don’t let that stop you as they do have plans sometime in the future to allow eye patches to be stitched!

Don't delay! Both the new galleon and eye patches will be leaving the Crown Shop after Halloween.

Find out the other minor changes made to the game here.

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