Castle Tours & Housing Update

Myrella WindSpar has set up shop in the Wizard City Commons to allow young Wizards to open their homes up so that other players can visit and rate Castles without having to teleport to someone in the house!

This update is currently only available on Test Realm, so I strongly recommend you go there and check out these new, amazing housing features!

Visiting Castles
When you speak to Myrella WindSpar in her Wizard City Commons shop, she will give you three options:
  • Visit Castle - If you wish to Visit a Castle, you can choose from Castles that were added in the last 24 hours, a random Castle, the Castle of a friend or a Top Rated Castle.
  • Add Castle - If you wish to put your own Castle up to be toured, you will be asked to categorize your Castle as Decorated, Magical, Crazy or a Maze. By adding your Castle to Castle Tours you agree that for the next 30 days other players may visit your Castle whether you are present or not. This means that players can visit your house at any time. If you no longer wish to open your house to tours, you can remove it from Castle Tours.
  • Remove Castle - If you've placed your Castle on the Castle Tours, you may remove it at any time by selecting Remove Castle from the main Castle Tours menu.
Rating Castles
When you visit a Castle, you can rate it! You may only rate a Castle by selecting "New Today" or "Random". You can rate Castles from one to four stars; a Good Castle, a Great Castle, a Fantastic Castle or a Spectacular Castle.

Rated Castles appear on the Leaderboards for up to 30 days and you can visit the top rated Castles at any time.

Housing Item Identifier
Have you ever been to a friend's Castle and wondered what that amazing table was called or whether that awesome chair was something they crafted? Well wonder no more - the Housing Item Identifier is here!

When you are in someone else's house, you will now see the Item Identifier button on the lower right of your in-game screen. When you are in Item Identify mode, simply place your mouse cursor over an item in a friend's house and you will see a label appear telling you the name of the item! Icons will indicate whether the item is Crafted, purchased with Crowns or earned with Arena Tickets.

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