Introducing the Hive Bundle

With the release of Khrysalis, a Bee-themed bundle is now available at GameStop locations in the USA and it goes hand in hand with the new world! 

The Hive Bundle is a Life-themed game card, which comes with an array of incredible goodies, including:
  • The Amber Estate house, which offers a lot of space for decorating and hosting parties, as well as a Dragonfly ride that gives you a reward everyday and an aerial tour of the house;
  • The Bee-Wing mount, which is very similar to other wing mounts;
  • The Stinger Armor set and the Stinger Slingshot, whose stats are great;
  • And the adorable Bumblebee pet, with a 57 pedigree and which gives a "Luminous Weaver" card at Baby.
This bundle has yet to be officially announced by KingsIsle, but it should be available at GameStop soon so make sure to visit frequently and look out for this game card in local stores!

Special thanks to Katie Soulfinder, who kindly allowed me to visit the house so that I could feature it here. Also, thanks to Cattalicious for telling me about it.

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