Falmea Talks About Khrysalis Part 2

If you haven't read the newest Producer's Letter by Professor Falmea, you'll find some exciting news about Khrysalis Part 2 below! In it, she addresses players who have already completed the first part of this epic finale, reassuring us that "Part two will be coming sooner rather than later."

The Fire teacher also shed some light, without giving away too much, on what we can expect from the second part of Khrysalis and the epic conclusion of the Morganthe chapter. Here's what she had to share with the Wizard101 fans:
"We have an incredibly exciting 2014 planned for you, and we're hard at work on the initial stages right now! I have to keep my lips sealed as to what is to come. However, I can tell you we're planning on some really nifty things that I can't wait to share as the year marches on. We're excited to get you a little help from your friends [1], tap into more ancient powers [2], help you unleash your creativity [3], and hook you into the Spiral like nothing you've seen yet [4]!"
[1] "A little help from your friends" - Seems like Dyvim WhitehartMagalia SpiritCaller and Zarozinia the DeathSong are definitely coming back to assist us in our upcoming battles!

[2] "Tap into more ancient powers" - We'll probably delve deeper into Shadow Magic. After all, we're only Initiate Shadowmancers.

[3] "Help you unleash your creativity" - I am not too sure about this one at the moment, but I can't wait to find out!

[4] "Hook you into the Spiral like nothing you've seen yet" - The finale will most likely be beyond epic! And, quite frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you so much, KingsIsle, for making this the best MMO ever!

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