Guide to Shadow Magic Backlash

Shadow Magic is a new form of magic that gives powerful benefits to Shadowmancers, but such ancient and unstable power comes with a price: Backlash.

Backlash is the damage that you take when your Shadow transformation wears off. The amount of damage you take is based upon the spells you use while in your Shadow form. All Shadow transformations start off with 30 Backlash and it can fluctuate between 10 and 60, depending on your actions while the spell is active.

How Backlash damage is calculated
Backlash will deal damage based on the percentage of your current health. For example, if your Wizard has 1000 health when you go back to your human form, the backlash damage can be any of the following:
  • 30 backlash (30% of current health) = 300 damage dealt (700 health remaining)
  • 20 backlash (20% of current health) = 200 damage dealt (800 health remaining)
  • 10 backlash (10% of current health) = 100 damage dealt (900 health remaining)
How to control Backlash damage
All Shadow forms have likes (-10 Backlash) and dislikes (+10 Backlash), which affect the damage dealt at the end of the Shadow cycle by increasing or decreasing Backlash. All Shadow spells are currently neutral to auras and may cast spells from pets. You'll find a list of likes and dislikes for all Shadow transformations below:
  1. Shadow Seraph - likes: healing; dislikes: blading and attacking;
  2. Shadow Sentinel - likes: shielding and intercepting damage; dislikes: healing and attacking;
  3. Shadow Shrike - likes: attacks, bubbles, blades and traps; dislikes: healing and shielding.
Known Shadow Magic glitches
  1. It is impossible to reach 0 Backlash at this point! In other words, you will still lose 10% of your current health even if you used 3 liked spells during your Shadow transformation;
  2. The extra 10 Backlash that should have been taken away in the previous glitch is actually accumulated in your next Shadow spell during that match (the black orb looks bigger and more aggressive).

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