In-Game Ideas #1: New Schools of Magic

The two most ancient forms of Magic were created billions of years ago, before the Spiral even existed, by the titans Chronos and Pseudeus. Fearing that Morganthe would try to harness the power of this long lost magic to complete the Song of Creation, these two titans travel the Spiral hoping to find a Wizard strong and brave enough to put an end to her tyranny. For that, they teach us the secrets of these two ancient, yet dangerous magical arts.

This form of Magic deals with the manipulation of time and altering the natural course of events. Those wielding this power are known as Chronomancers. Manipulating time has its consequences: Chronomancers lose 25% of their health 10 rounds after using the first time spell.

Some spells:

  • Delay - All damage dealt to the caster of this spell is delayed for 2 rounds. Example: If the opposing team uses Judgement and Storm Owl on the caster, the damage you would take is postponed to 2 rounds after you the spell is used.
  • Time Warp - The user will not take any damage for 2 rounds. This aura can still be destroyed by Supernova. Example: Say you are going first and your opponent casts a DoT spell on you. The first two ticks will deal no damage, but the last one will.
  • Time Pressure - Adds an additional tick to damage over time spells. It is an enchantment spell and can stack on previously enchanted spells. Example: If you enchant your Snow Angel with Colossal, you can still use Time Pressure to deal damage during 4 turns.
This rare magical ability deals with the power of the mind, allowing its practitioners to boost their own mental power and that of others. Psychomancers are able to withstand fatal attacks for a short period of time and encourage their teammates to keep fighting.

Some spells:

  • Equalize - All enemies get the same amount of pips as the target. Example: This works similarly to Mana Burn. Targeting the opponent with the least pips is obviously the best option, but all enemies who cast a spell that round still get to use it, even if their pips were burned. Unlike Reshuffle, this spell is limited to one copy per deck (that includes Treasure Cards)!
  • Hypnosis - Example: Target cannot deal damage for 2 rounds. They can still attack, but all damage dealt while this spell is active will deal zero damage. If they use a damage over time spell, the last tick of their attack will still deal zero damage, as it was cast while this spell was in effect.
  • Meditation - Example: All friends gain a 15% damage boost for 2 rounds. This is an aura, so it can be destroyed by Supernova.
What do you think of these new schools? I would love to get your feedback, especially on spells: are the pip costs okay? What should I change? Please, keep in mind that these are just spell ideas! I do realize some of them may look overpowered, which is why I need your help to adjust them to game realism. Leave a comment below and let me know.

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