In-Game Ideas #2: Quest Events

Participating in the Lost Pages Events was really fun and entertaining. It was an innovating and creative way for KingsIsle to release side quests for Wizards of all levels. This time around, I'm bringing new ideas for quest events such as the Lost Pages.

Spiral Cup Tournament Revisited
When Wysteria was released about 2 years ago, I remember that a lot of players were disappointed that the Spiral Cup quest was not repeatable. Being a storyline quest, that makes sense. However, it would be really cool to be able to compete in the Spiral Cup Tournament again once a year, as a quest event. You could win some decent prizes depending on your placement in the Tournament, and there would be different tiers so that Wizards Level 30+ could participate. The difficulty would obviously be greater in top tiers.

The Melody of Death
A member of Wizard101 Central suggested an idea where an evil Wizard musician would appear in the Spiral, performing a song that would change friendly NPCs into bosses in several worlds of the Spiral. As a few examples, he chose Mr. Lincoln, Sergeant Major Talbot and Sherlock Bones to be turned into evil minions of this dark musician, which would be the final boss.

Christmas Elves on the Loose
Sabri's suggestion is that we would have to help Santa find his elves and presents in Wizard City, some of them guarded by minions and Christmas bosses. This would be an event for Wizards of all levels and would be active during the Yuletide season.

Do you have any suggestions you would like featured in an upcoming post of "In-Game Ideas"? Leave a comment below and come up with fun events for everyone, and your idea might be featured on the blog in the future!

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