Year of the Polar Bear Contests & Prizes [Closed!]

Year of the Polar Bear party will bring many contests which will be held throughout the event. All of them are posted below, along with the prizes you can win in each of them. Jenna SwiftGem and I will be the judges for all contests!

Best Nordic Outfit
You like to dress up, always changing clothes or dying them? This contest is for you! Come up with the most amazing combination for a winter-themed outfit and you might win something for your creativity. Prizes: Best Male and Best Female outfits will win a Hoard Pack of choice and a hairstyle of choice each.

Housing Games
Enjoy playing housing games with lots of people? Try your best to win one of these housing games and you'll get a prize! Prizes: 1st winner will win a Hoard Pack of choice and 2nd will get a random code.

Worst Polar Bear Cubs Talents
You aren't the most successful pet hatcher in the Spiral and find your pet's talents frustrating? Well, they can earn you a prize this time around! Prize: Bring your most terrible Polar Bear Cub pet and you might win a Hoard Pack of choice.

SwiftGem Maze Challenge
Do you like challenges and trying out new mazes? You'll definitely love SwiftGem Maze Challenge we have for you! Be the first to get through the maze and you'll get the goodies! Prizes: Hoard Pack of Choice and Happy Holidaisy seed.

Find Jasmine Fireblade
Jasmine Fireblade will be hiding inside the SwiftGem Maze, so be the first to find her for an amazing reward! Prize: Charity Noelephant mount.

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