Year of the Polar Bear Review

Last night, I hosted my second official party: Year of the Polar Bear! I was happy to see so many Wizards attended the party, dedicated to polar bears.

For those of you who couldn't make it, the event started early in the Commons, where a few Wizards started to act badly, cursing and spreading lies about the hosts. We then ported to Jenna SwiftGem's Ice House, where a portal was set to take our guests to the SwiftGem Maze.

Drama arose when Wizards started to complain for supposedly being the first ones to find Jasmine Fireblade in the maze, for a Noelephant mount reward. From then on, a few guests started to complain about everything and we were called biased in judging contests and handing out prizes. The truth is I've given out more Hoard Packs than I was supposed to. I chose more winners than I said I would, and people still complained.

All in all, I'd say the party was a fiasco. I just hope people would realize how hard it is to host a party and handle bad guests, who constantly rush you and give bad criticism just because they didn't win anything. The good thing is I actually learned from my mistakes.

Special Thanks: A big thank you to both Jenna and Jasmine, for keeping their cool despite all the hate and ungratefulness we got throughout the evening. Also, thank you to everyone who treated us with respect and actually enjoyed their time there!

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