Allan GhostDust: The Light of the Spiral

Today, the Wizard101 Community has lost a very good friend. It is with great sorrow that we learned on Twitter about the devastating news of Allan GhostDust's passing.

For those who weren't familiar with him, Allan was an avid Wizard101 player who got his dream come true by the Make-a-Wish foundation: visit KingsIsle Entertainment. His character and favorite pet, Lord Snoopie, have since been immortalized in the game he loved. You can find them in Bastion (Khrysalis).

Allan, I never had the chance to meet you in the game, but I'm sure you were an amazing person and an incredible Pyromancer. Thanks for proving us all that dreams do come true, no matter how hard it may be to reach them. May your light shine brighter than the Sun and guide us through the dark times ahead.

As a 'Special Agent' from the Council of Light, please watch over us now while we hold the line against Morganthe's legion down here and let your light shine through. The Wizard101 Community will miss you, Allan. May your soul rest in peace now.

To all my fellow Wizards, when you are visiting Khrysalis make sure to stop by and say hi to Allan Ghostdust. I'm sure an angel will be smiling up there!

My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin LifeCaster and his family. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me make this possible and those who showed unconditional support to honor his memory. #RememberAllan

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