Countdown to Khrysalis Part 2

A new year has just begun and KingsIsle already has exciting things planned for us in 2014, one of them being the second and final part of Morganthe's storyline.

When Khrysalis Part 1 was released back in November, we were told that the second half of this world would see the light of day early 2014. While this information doesn't reveal much about the possible month it might be released, Test Realm would have to open soon so that it can go Live by March, which would still be considered "early 2014".

Later on, we were given another clue by Professor Falmea in December 2013 Producer's Letter. She assured players that "Part two will be coming sooner rather than later." In other words, the Test Realm doors might actually open later this month so it can be tested throughout the month of February and go Live in March.

What are your predictions? When do you think Test Realm will open? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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