Hints to Morganthe's Finale

The new year brings a brand new Ravenwood Bulletin, which contains some exciting information and clues about the second part of Khrysalis!

Although there isn't a fixed date as to when the Test Realm is going to open, KingsIsle employees are hard at work right now and probably working on the final touches of this highly anticipated epic conclusion!

What we do know about Khrysalis Part 2
Beyond Fort Rachias lies the dangers of Crescent Beach, the whirlwind storms of the Starfall Sea, the agonizing drought of the Kondha Desert, the reinforced Iron Gates, and finally the Shadow Palace.

We also know that despite having freed the Bumbler Bees from Morganthe's control, the merciless Mantises, savage Scorpions, and sinister Spiders still obey her whims.

In my previous post about Khyrsalis Part 2, I theorized about Professor Falmea's hints in the Producer's Letter last year. It turns out I was wrong about the "getting a little help from your friends" part. Gary Smith, Wizard101 Senior Software Engineer, confirmed it not to be the Khrysalis assistants on Twitter.

An unexpected finale
While we all probably think that we will defeat Morganthe in a heroic way and save the Spiral from her army, KingsIsle wants us to remember the following: "Look for Morganthe's chapter to conclude on an unexpected note!"

With that said, they also gave us a sneak peek at what looks like a dialogue from Khrysalis Part 2:

"O Wizards", said Morganthe 
"You've had a pleasant run! 
Shall we be testing wits again?" 
But answer came there none -- 
And this was scarely odd, because 
She'd destroyed them, every one!

Who do you think will die? I have a feeling that Morganthe will wipe out the entire Council of Light, except us. Who will be the new Headmaster at Ravenwood? Leave a comment below and let me know what you are most excited about for Khrysalis Part 2.

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