Test Realm & Next Major Update

In case you missed it, Test Realm opened yesterday for some minor game updates testing, including spell animations that should now be properly lit, a camera that should no longer point at the ceiling when pets cast their spells, and a functional stitching and unstitching interface, just to list a few. Read all the upcoming minor updates here and don't forget to head over to Test Realm and report any bugs you may find.

In other news, Arthur Wethersfield recently posted some feedback on the Castle Tours rating system. He reassured players that with the next major update to Wizard101, the one that includes Khrysalis Part 2, they plan to only let players add houses to Castle Tours if they have at least 50 items outside and 50 items inside. That will prevent empty houses or with a minimalist decoration to make it to the Top 100.

Speaking of Khrysalis Part 2, KingsIsle assures fans that "it is shaping up to be a fitting culmination to Morganthe's chapter in the story of the Spiral." I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm sure we'll love it!

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  1. i think that wizard's khrysalis part 2 and pirate's book 15 will be released on the same day at the same time


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