The Future of Wizard101

With a chapter closing soon, I'm probably not the only one wondering about the future of Wizard101. And I'm not talking about the game ending because we've had many confirmations from KingsIsle that the game is thriving, and that there will be many more chapters to come after Morganthe's downfall. What I am wondering is where these upcoming adventures will take us.

Like I said in my previous post about this matter, the Coven failed to unleash the Everwinter on the Spiral back in Nastrond and a future confrontation with the Raven tribe is more than likely.

I would also love to see the world of Wysteria expanded. Maybe they could add Candyland, Professor Greyrose's homeland, as an expansion of Wysteria? Gobblerton would be a nice addition, too.

Which worlds would you like to explore in the future? Is it one that was already mentioned? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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