Blind Mew's Revelations on Book 15

Blind Mew has been interacting a lot with the community on the Pirate101 Message Boards, answering general questions from players about the plot and storyline.

We all know something big is coming to Pirate101 really soon and I'm sure we're all wondering what it's going to be! So I compiled some of Mew's posts that I think are relevant to the upcoming release of Book 15 and listed them below for your convenience.

Book 15: which world will it be?
"I would have thought the events at the end of Book 14 make it pretty obvious, though i'm always happy to muddy the waters."

"There's a LOT of exposition at the end of Book 14, so maybe the waters are a little muddy. I won't come right out and say where we're going, other than saying if you go over the dialogue carefully it's pretty obvious what your next task is, and where you therefore will be headed."

After completing the Aquila storyline, we discover a mysterious message that is decoded by Meowiarty:

That is what Blind Mew is referring to, most likely. But that doesn't mean Book 15 will only take place in Valencia's emerald stormy skies!

Returning to Valencia
"Whenever we return to Valencia, you can bet that the Resistance will be a major thread of the story."

"When we get back to Valencia, you'll get a pretty good notion of the political situation: Casimir, the Armada, and the rest of it."

"The Crabs in Valencia definitely have a role in society there - you'll get to see it up close and personal someday."

What's after Valencia?
That would be telling, of course, so we can only speculate at this point. My guess is that we'll be going to Krokotopia, since we still have to translate the markings inside the Clockworks using the Rosetta Stone. And something tells me that finding this "G" person in Valencia won't be easy.

Do you think we'll be successful in translating the markings and finding "G" in Book 15? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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