Khrysalis Sneak Peek & New Dungeon Features

Yesterday, we got a hint that Test Realm was going to open soon. Gary Smith, Wizard101's Senior Software Engineer, tweeted about two new features that would be released before the second part of Khrysalis. It turns out, Test Realm opened earlier today.

First of all, the current Test Realm updates do not contain entry to Khrysalis Part 2. It is still coming along and is still slated for early 2014. This update is to help prepare for that larger world expansion by introducing Team Up! and Dungeon Recall, as well as helping out young Fire Wizards who are just getting started.

Khrysalis Part 2 Sneak Peek
Khrysalis Part 2 is shaping up to be an amazing adventure. KingsIsle is still continuing to shape and polish this culmination to Morganthe's story, but you can take a look at some concept art from Crescent Beach above. Please note: Concept art may not accurately reflect the final in-game version of the zone.

Team Up!
A Team Up! Button has been added to the "Press X to Enter" window of most dungeon sigils. The button allows players to find other players that want to play the same dungeon even if they're in different realms. When you select the Team Up! option, you will be asked to confirm your action.

You cannot choose or reject the team that you are placed in. If you're not happy with the team you were placed in, simply leave the dungeon and you will leave the Team. If you leave the dungeon you will have to wait five minutes before you can Team Up! again.

Know more about the Team Up! feature here.

Dungeon Recall
Ever wished you could just recall directly back to the dungeon you just left? Well now you can! 

If you are defeated or teleported out of a dungeon that you were in alone, you now have the option to recall directly back to the start of that same dungeon. An icon will appear near your compass, and placing your mouse over that button will show you the Dungeon name, and a countdown timer showing how long you have before the Dungeon closes.

Find out more about this new feature here.

Updates to Fire Magic & Wizards
Fire Wizards are going to have a little more health in the early levels. This only impacts Fire Wizards that are under level 15. You can see the chart showing the previous maximum natural health and the newly adjusted maximum natural health here.

Other changes to Fire Magic include the increase of the initial damage of the Fire Elf Spell. It also has an alternative spell animation, which some veteran players may recognize.

The Test Realm will be running a little differently than usual. Read Professor Greyrose's post and Test Realm schedule here.

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