Advanced Pets & Panoramic Sneak Peeks

KingsIsle has been revealing panoramic sneak peeks of the new Avery's Courtyard, Bestia, Circus Maximus, Devilfish Hollow, Fireship Dock, Maria Celestia, Meeting Cave, Temple of Fire, Underwater Grotto and Xol Akmul! Click the links below to see the full-page panoramic preview of each:
Today, an article on unveiled the upcoming content coming this Spring! Pirate101's pet system is getting an update, and a new test realm will soon open its doors to showcase the changes.

Skull Island has been asked to participate in the Great Petathelon on Bestia in the Circus Maximus, the grand new Pet Pavilion that will soon be available in the Free-to-Play area of Pirate101!

In the Circus Maximus we'll find Pet supplies, a Morphing Tent where we can create new Pets, and a Pet battling arena where challenging other players' Pets will be possible. We will learn more about pets in Bestia and even be able to raise their level higher than our Pirate's!

Find out more about the upcoming changes to the pet system here.

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