Upcoming Update to Pirate101

With the new update to Pirate101 just around the corner, we've got a lot of insight on what's to come through sneak peeks and previews of upcoming areas. And we now know that Book 15 will not be a part of this particular update.

One-Eyed Jack decided to shed some light on this new content, especially considering the controversy around Advanced Pets and Companions, clarifying a few questions that have come up along the way. He also confirmed that we will have access to the entire list of updates very soon, when the Test Realm opens.

I have listed the major updates below, but you can read One-Eyed Jack's original thread here.

Skull Island Expansion
When this expansion launches, the entrance into Traitor's Cave will open back up for free-to-play players, and what once was one premium area will now be a new free area and two new premium areas (at half the cost each). If you've purchased this area with Crowns before, you'll get both automatically.

Advanced Pets and Companions
The Advanced Pets is a fun and entertaining system which will keep being refined based on player feedback. One-Eyed Jack assures that the new-found powers of our pets is going to impress us! 

Advanced Companions addresses so many player issues in one fell swoop, like: troubles keeping our multiple pages of companions trained, lack of gold and loot, lack of nautical experience, not wanting side quest companions, sleep tokens, and more. A lot of players have complained about this specific update, but we shouldn't dismiss the system too quickly before we even try it! There are many benefits to this change we may not realize yet.

Group Plunder
We will now occasionally find chests with multiple locks that we'll need help opening from other players. In combat, we may find an additional chest too (one that doesn't take the place of our other treasure chests) with multiple locks that we can only open if we're grouped with someone else. Some of these chests are the only way to find Doubloons, which are a new, expendable currency that grants powers in combat (the equivalent of Treasure Cards in Wizard101).

New Housing Quest and Previews
A new housing quest will be introduced, directing players to their dorms. This is going to be implemented because many Pirates did not know they have a dorm room in Avery's Court.

Another huge request from Pirate101 players was the preview button on houses in the Crown Shop. We will now be able to explore a castle before we buy it! However, there won't be a Real Estate agent for these house previews. This decision is based on the feedback KingsIsle received from Wizard101 players.

Mark and Recall
We all wanted to be able to mark a spot and return to that location later on. KingsIsle has taken that into account and they are bringing Mark and Recall, which allows you to do just that.

New Stitchable Eye Patch / Accessory Slot
We are now going to have an extra slot just for eye patches (and who knows what other "accessories" in the future) that not only gives us extra power, but also allows for eye patches to be stitched.

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