Morganthe's Quest for Power

Like my previous post, this one CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you haven't finished Khrysalis yet and don't want to be spoiled, skip this for now and enjoy the storyline as you progress through the game. Read at your own risk!

The memories in Radiance Reborn shed some light on important events of Morganthe's past, which ultimately nurtured her ambitions and thirst for knowledge and power.

King Artorius' Downfall
Morganthe's earliest memories confirm that she did not intend to harm King Artorius. Her brother, Sir Malory, was the one who planned to overthrow the King of Avalon and get rid of him for good. Despite her attempt to deal with it without hurting anyone, she completed her brother's plan that led to King Artorius' demise and took her first steps towards the shadows.

Walking in the Shadows
Young Morganthe was an arrogant, yet powerful student. She often defied the rules and teachings of Merle Ambrose, eager to learn the content of his tomes of Forbidden Knowledge.

After nearly destroying Wizard City, Morganthe was sanctioned and had to give up her wand and deck. She was expelled from Ravenwood shortly after. This fueled her hate and quest for power, and she went on a journey to seek the knowledge that Ambrose was keeping from her.

The Great Prophecy
After being expelled from Ravenwood, Morganthe travelled the Spiral wanting to learn more about Astral Magic and ended up in Khrysalis with Captain Taylor Coleridge. She eventually ventured into the Hive and met the Arachna Magi, who would later teach her the secrets of Shadow Magic.

Morganthe was tested by the Arachna Magi and managed to survive, being considered the Chosen One of the Great Prophecy. This proves that the Prophecy itself existed long before she even left Ravenwood, supporting my idea that Old Cob created the Great Prophecy and incited Morganthe to walk in the shadows and fulfill his plan.

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