Old Cob and the Next Prophecy

Before I start, please be aware that this post CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you haven't finished Khrysalis yet and don't want to be spoiled, feel free to skip this for now and enjoy the storyline as you progress through the game. Read at your own risk!

Old Cob: Character Analysis
Old Cob is an intriguing NPC introduced in the late stages of Khrysalis, where we have to free him from his "prison" inside the Hive. At first glance, he appears as a mysterious creature and his resolve is initially unknown. You soon find him guiding you through the Hive and all the way into Morganthe's fortress.

The most striking feature about Old Cob is that he appears to be in a weakened state, despite being a very knowledgeable NPC who offers wise judgement and advice, filling in the shoes of the Council of Light when they couldn't help.

Later, while facing Archmagus Lorcan, one of Morganthe's Warlords, Old Cob is recognized and immediately considered a big threat to the Umbra Legion.

Old Cob's Story
Upon defeating Morganthe, you are still wondering what Old Cob's real motives are and why he helped you bring down the Shadow Queen. Why was he locked away for so long and by who? Why does he seem to know Ambrose and Bartleby personally? These questions are answered by the Obelisk Orbs.

The 'Shadows of History' is a quest that gives you access to 6 different orbs, which tell you the story of how the Shadow came to be. I will not analyse each orb in detail so if you want to know about them, make sure you read Swordroll's brilliant post! After collecting the six Obelisk Orbs, we finally get a glimpse into the past of the Spiral and how the story unfold.

The orbs reveal that Bartleby and Grandmother Raven were not the only original creatures to inhabit the First World. The Grand Prophecy is narrated by Old Cob, referred to as Spider, which confirms his presence in the First World and how he knows Bartleby. We also find that Grandmother Raven was the one who locked him away and that Old Cob created Shadow Magic, drawing Morganthe's ideals towards his and making her the 'Chosen One', so she could fulfill the prophecy he had made.

My opinion on the Prophecy
Personally, I believe that what we used to call 'Morganthe's Prophecy' is in fact Old Cob's. And in the light of this new information, the prophecy itself was wrongly interpreted by most, including myself.

"From the Shadows I strike" was most likely referring to Old Cob plotting everything from his prison, within the Hive. He created Shadow Magic knowing that one day someone would seek out that power and that's probably the reason why Bartleby and Lady Nightstar forbade Ambrose to teach it at Ravenwood.

The New Prophecy
After our victory in the Shadow Palace, we return to Bastion and speak one last time with Old Cob, who unleashes dark spirits and tells us that it is time to make a new prophecy. Those dark creatures are sent to Polaris, Empyrea, Mirage, the Hidden Lands and the Broken Shores, which is most likely where we will be going in the third chapter of the Spiral.

Where the Storylines Intertwine
I've always wondered why Grandmother Raven was introduced in a side world, when she's part of the main storyline. I've given it a lot of thought lately and I don't think we had anything that could link both storylines directly, until now!

What would be the obvious move of a villain that has just been freed from his cage? To go after his incarcerator, of course. Old Cob is most likely the bridge between the two storylines and since Polaris is in the equation now, I'll go ahead and say that it is related to Grizzleheim somehow. Old Cob is going after Lady Nightstar!

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