Test Realm Opens For Khrysalis Part 2

Just a day after the announcement of the imminent release of Khrysalis Part 2, KingsIsle surprised us with the Update Notes and a Test Realm!

As you know, this is the final chapter in Morganthe's tale (or is it?) and it's up to us to thwart her plans. If you have completed the Khrysalis quest "Edge of Forever" which granted you the badge "Harbinger of Light", then you need to speak to Zaltanna the Mirrormask in Bastion to obtain the quest "Back in the Saddle" which will continue this grand story!

Increased Levels
With the addition of the second half of Khrysalis, and the culmination of the second chapter of the Spiral, Wizards can now reach the maximum of level 100! Level 100 Wizards will be known by the title of Exalted.

A Training Point will be awarded at level 100 as usual, plus there will be bonus Training Points available through quests in Khrysalis.

With increased levels also come increased Gold:
  • For characters under level 80 the maximum gold is 300 000
  • For characters level 80-90 the maximum gold is 350 000
  • For characters Level 91-95 the maximum gold is 375 000
  • For characters level 96+ the maximum gold is 400 000

New School Pets
New Pets have arrived to stand by your side in peace and combat. If you are a minimum of level 98 and have your level 78 school pet, speak to your School Professor for your next pet quest.

Shadow-Forged Weapons
Why should pets have all the fun? Now there are weapons called Shadow-Forged Weapons that have their own "May Cast" spells! You can Craft these weapons or get them as rewards from duels, if you're lucky. Look for these Promethean Crafter recipes from Azealia the ArmsMaster in Sardonyx after you complete the Khrysalis quest "Price of the Blade". You must be level 95 or higher to equip these items. 

Just like "May Cast" spells on pets, when it comes to Shadow-forged Weapons:
  • There's only a chance your weapon will cast a spell;
  • Spells cast by your weapon do not use your Pips, but they will trigger traps, blades, shields and wards;
  • These spells may cast during your turn, your opponent's turn or during a teammate's turn.

To indicate that a spell is being cast by a Shadow-Forged Weapon, there will be an effect on the caster's hands.

Shift Spells
Shift Spells are part of Moon Magic. They are single-round polymorphs that allow you to perform a creature's natural attack for one round, after which your Wizard reverts back to their original form.

Players who are level 98 or higher need to speak to Arkyn Moonblade in the Eclipse Tower to train these spells.

New Global Spells
Global spells are the 'domes' that appear over the entire dueling circle, encompassing and impacting all teammates and enemies alike! 

New Global Spells have been added for players level 97 or higher. Speak to Amelia StarDust to obtain the quest "A Dream of Avalon" which will grant one spell for your main school of focus.

Shadow Creatures
Shadow Creatures are the next phase of Shadow Magic. Players can summon forth these creatures which live in the realm of Shadow. These creatures are fickle, and the more they are pleased by the caster's actions, the more effective they will be.

A good way to look at Shadow Creatures is that by summoning one, it is not supporting you, but you are supporting it. If you please the Shadow Creature through your actions, it will cast spells as it powers up (adding blades, traps, etc.), and its final attack will be more powerful. If you cast spells that displease the Shadow Creature, it won't be so kind.

I can see these creatures being quite popular in PvP after these updates go Live. I'm wondering, though, if we can hurt or destroy them. My guess is that your opponent probably can't touch them, but you never know. Can't wait to find out!

These are just a few updates that are coming to Wizard101! Read all about them here.

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