Falmea Confirms Big Summer Update

Last month, Wizard101 Senior Software Engineer tweeted about a big update scheduled for this Summer. We do not know what the update will be about, but it is now officially confirmed.

Professor Falmea released a brand new Producer's Letter, in which she summarizes the last 4 years of the epic Morganthe arc and giving a few hints on what is coming to the Spiral this Summer. According to the Fire Professor:
"We're not resting on our laurels. Not a chance. What's happening this summer is going to rock your boat with a vengeance. Oh, yes. You'll have to make sure that you make time to spend in the Spiral this summer. Because, if you come by regularly, you'll certainly find it very… rewarding!"
While I certainly don't think this update will be the start of the next arc, I'm quite positive it is related to Wizard101's 6th birthday. If you missed it last year, their 5th birthday celebration was a lot of fun for everyone and I'm sure they will amaze us yet again!

Perhaps they will increase drops on specific days, or the more time you spend logged into the game, the more chance you will have at better prizes. There are just so many possibilities and these are the few I can think of right now.

Got any theories on what's coming? Drop a line in the comments below and let me know!

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