Understanding Pirate101's Pet System

The Advanced Pet system was released to the Live Realm last week and I've enjoyed it ever since. Being used to the Pet system in Wizard101, it was fun exploring and trying something new for a change. However, it was confusing for me at first and the lack of official guides on it made it worse.

Making a guide of my own seemed like a waste of time, considering the amount of great guides out there. So I decided to list my favorites to help you get the most out of your Pet and enjoy your time in Bestia!

Advanced Pet System
Pirate101 takes a different approach to the Pet system and it can be quite addictive! Read Eric Stormbringer's Advanced Pet System Guide to understand the new mechanics and possibilities of Pets in Pirate101.

Pet Morphing
Once your Pet levels up high enough, you can combine your Pet with others through morphing to create new Pets with the traits of both! Read Nick's Pet Morphing Guide to get started and know the basics of Pet Morphing.

Pet Training
Pets now gain experience by participating in special activities: athletic tests like Sculling, Planking, Anchor Lifts, Crane Meditation, Leg Lifts, Hay Bailing, Vestal Vaults, and more! Read Leah's Training Guide on how to efficiently train your Pet.

Pet Sparring
Speak to Decius Duelmaster in the Circus Maximus to join a Pet spar and get ready to practice or face other Pirates' pets! Read Jewel Shadowcaster's Pet Sparring Guide to know how to get the best results in Pet PvP.

Have a guide on the new Pirate101 Pet System? Share it in the comments below and it might be featured in this post!

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