Wizard101 Arcane Builder's Bundle

KingsIsle is introducing the first bundle ever that allows Wizards to create their own Castle: the Arcane Builder's Bundle! This game card will be available around June 2nd at local GameStop stores for $39, like most bundles.

Bundle Overview
  • Build-a-Castle Plot and Pieces
  • Arcane Handcar
  • Twin Arcane Automatons
  • Arcane Smith's Gear
  • Arcane Smith's Hammer
  • One month or 5,000 Crowns

How this Bundle works
If you purchase the first bundle card, you will receive the Midday Estate, second bundle card will get you the Meadows at Dusk and the third bundle card will give you the The Night Garden house. This is only if you place the houses on one wizard. If you place them on different ones, you will only receive the Midday Estate.

You will need to buy the three bundles and redeem them all on the same character if you want the Night Garden. Each game card will give one Midday Estate, which have two prebuilt Castles in it (one inside and one outside) that you can take apart and use the blocks to build your own.

1st Bundle

2nd Bundle

3rd Bundle

Wizards will be able to acquire more Castle Blocks, although it isn't clear how just yet. Gary Smith assured players that they intend to implement this later in the Summer, which is great news for non-US customers. He also stated that they have plans to bring more textures and different shapes to the Build-a-Castle feature in the future.

A great guide to the basics of building a Castle and how to use blocks can be found here.

Credits: Thanks to Johnny for the header stock and to Paige MoonShade for the info and tour!

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