Wizard101 MayDays Codes

Most Wizard101 Fansites are out of codes this month, but KingsIsle has found a new and fun way to reward their players! If you love free goodies, you'll be happy to know that every day in the month of May 2014, a new code will be placed on Wizard101's Twitter account. 

Each code:
  • Will be posted at a random time;
  • Will be different from any other code;
  • Will be limited to a certain number of redemptions;
  • Can only be redeemed once per account;
  • Must be redeemed here.
Some of the codes posted earlier this month included free Mega Snack Packs, Housing items and exclusive Teleport Tapestries, Seeds, rental Mounts and even rare Reagents bundles, like Amber!

Once each day's code is used up, there won't be any more that day, so stay sharp and be sure to follow Wizard101 on Twitter to make sure you don't miss out!

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