Mysterious Tower in MooShu

The Spring 2014 Update introduced some exciting new content for Pirates of all levels and revealed an intriguing event in the Spiral: "Something nefarious is happening over a certain tower in Mooshu lately!". What could it be? The search for the mysterious tower began shortly after and avid Pirates rapidly discovered its location: The Paths of Penance, in MooShu.

More recently, KingsIsle stated that they are already working on new stuff for the higher level players, specifically in MooShu, which pretty much confirms that it might be released in the next update. Considering Wizard101 is getting a big Summer update, I'm positive that Pirate101 will also get some new content in a few months.

As you can see from the pictures and video above, the tower is seemingly absorbing an ominous, dark energy from the sky and is thought to be a high level gauntlet. Could the mighty and evil Armada be involved? Could it be a dungeon similar to Waterworks in Wizard101?

Credits: Thank you so much to Olivia Stormbringer for taking the pictures for me.

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