Child of the Great Prophecy

Like I theorized in my two last posts about this subject (Old Cob and the Next Prophecy & Morganthe's Quest for Power), I believe Old Cob was the one to prophesize the Great Prophecy. The fact that Morganthe passed the Arachna Magi's tests, who had searched for the Chosen One, proves that the Prophecy itself existed long before the Shadow Queen first landed a foot on Khrysalis.

What I find intriguing, however, is a part of the tale revealed by the Obelisk Orbs in Sardonyx, which reads the following caption:

"The Candle flickers across the Night, a Child sailing the Shadow Sea. The Spiral bends, and twists, and whirls, bringing the Chosen back to me."

What are those fireballs we see flying across the sky? The story contained in each orb appears to be in chronological order, so naturally the fight between Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider had already occurred and ended, as Old Cob was locked away in the Hive at that point. From deduction, I take it the fireball is actually a metaphor to say that the Chosen One, who's "sailing the Shadow Sea", is indeed going back to Old Cob, like the caption suggests.

The Doubt Arises
If my assumption above turns out to be true, why did they depict the Chosen One as a source of light, when we were told that it was the Shadow Queen throughout the Khrysalis storyline? We know that this happened sometime after Morganthe was expelled from Ravenwood and when she started a quest for power, so obviously she wasn't walking the path of light. This leads to another question: was Morganthe indeed the Chosen One, or is there more to it?

Corrupting the Light
Being an ancient and knowledgeable creature, Old Cob would know that drawing a dark Wizard to his power would drive a Wizard of light to stop evil, so why would he make the same mistake twice? Wouldn't it be easier to corrupt and manipulate a good Wizard, if he wants to destroy the light? What if we actually are the child of Prophecy? One thing's for sure: it's easier for us to get close to Bartleby and Lady Nightstar unsuspected, rather than Morganthe after becoming the Shadow Queen.

These points may seem like small and irrelevant details, but I think they are there on purpose and I'm trying to think outside the box, and look at the bigger picture.

Got any theories of your own? Do you think Morganthe was the real Chosen One? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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