Test Realm Opens for Magical Fishing

Fishing is something developers wanted to include in Wizard101 since before it was launched almost 6 years ago! And now, Magical Fishing comes to the Spiral!

Players who are at least Level 7 can speak to Lucky Hookline, in the Wizard City Commons, on the Test Realm only. He's easy to spot; he's a Pelican with a fishing pole! He will teach you all you need to know about Fishing and give you the quest "A River Runs Through It".

Read everything about fishing by checking out the Update Notes!

Quick notes about Fishing
  • Catching fish consumes a small amount of Energy;
  • Fish have schools, in more than one sense of the word. You have a better chance at catching a Fire School fish with the Fire School Fish lure spells;
  • If the fish gets away, it will give you a hint as to its school with the color of the splash: Black for Death, Crimson for Balance, Yellow for Myth, Red for Fire, Blue for Ice, Green for Life, Purple for Storm.
  • The fish you see in the ponds are exclusive to you, other people will see their own fish;
  • You can scare away your fish by running too close to them;
  • Other players and mounts won't get in the way of your fishing view;
  • You currently cannot fish in underwater areas;
  • There's more than just fish in the lakes and rivers of the Spiral.

Energy Boost
Players who are level 7 or higher will get a boost to their base Energy. This boost to your Energy can be used for Gardening, Pet Training or Fishing!

Fishing Luck
Fishing luck is a stat that increases your chance of catching a fish when you use a Magical Lure. There are two new Elixirs in the Crown Shop that increase your Fishing Luck!

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Look for Castle Blocks Recipes at Lloyd FallingWater in the Wizard City Shopping District near the fountain;
  • Look for recipes for Teleport Tapestries on Eudora TangleTree in Olde Town, Wul'Yahm in Krokotopia, Felicia Worthington in Marleybone, Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre and Gearwise in Celestia;
  • A new housing vendor has appeared in Zafaria! Visit Jihane Abletusk in the Boabab Market;
  • You must be friends with the owner of the house to use the Spiral Cup Gauntlet, but you do not have to be friends with the owner of the house to use the Winterbane or Pagoda Gauntlets.

Find out more about these miscellaneous updates and Test Realm schedule here.

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